May 28, 2015

Top cocktail dresses

By Núria González, from the blog @100vestidos

I’m going to a very special event with a girlfriend in a few weeks time, so, as you can imagine, we’ve been busy looking for our outfits. As you might expect, we spent some time going through the new (and fabulous) Cocktail 2016 collection by Pronovias. As you also might expect, after seeing these dresses we didn’t need to look any further and we will both be wearing dresses from the collection. Of course, I’ll share our choices with you so that you can see how amazingly flattering these cocktail dresses are.

I took some time looking into the details of the dresses in this collection and I thought it would be fun to tell you what I found out in this blog post.

First of all I have put the black and red dresses together. They all have something that makes them different, depending on your style, tastes or the occasion, but you can be sure that they will all make you look perfect and extremely elegant.

There is a variety of fabrics, such as, for example; tulle, gauze, crepe and lace. If you like lace there are some all-lace styles such as Landa, as well as tattoo-effect styles that mix tulle and lace to create some stunning effects such as the Lasta style.


Styles: LasoLacorLastaLaina y Latika


Styles: LaverneLauralLasiaLayosLanda

As well as these two sure-hit colours there are numerous other dresses in vibrant, luminous colours as well as some elegant, flattering prints. You’ll find the rest of the collection on the Pronovias website. Just click here.


Modelos: Lasmina, Lavena, LatayaLaunaLan

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and that you will go along to one of the Pronovias boutiques to enjoy yourself and try on the new Cocktail 2016 collection.

Have a great day!

By Núria González, from the blog @100vestidos

May 15, 2015

Spring guide: how to style your outfit with accessories?

By Juliet Polilova, from the blog Russian Doll, LoveHunter.

Spring is the season of weddings and endless number of parties, which means that you should think about your outfits beforehand. If with the dress everything is quite clear – just have a look at the new Pronovias Cocktail collection, – the big question is how to choose the accessories right and what is in trend of 2015 spring season? As there is a lot to think about – your shoes, bag, hair, make up and manicure, even underwear!, – I’ve prepared for you 4 ready-to-go outfits in different styles: romantic, feminine and elegant, tender and delicate, and of course timeless classic. Enjoy!

1. Spring flowers. To underline a very romantic and flimsy Lavena dress I chose matchy light blue Casadei pumps and Marchesa Iris box clutch embellished with creamy beads and pearls. Don’t forget to add a final touch with a natural flower to your messy low bun or loose curls hair as all natural is a big trend this season!

1. Accesories

2. Timeless classic. A refine black dress is always faultless and suitable for any occasion. Simple and understandable yet graceful design of Laciana dress could be supplemented with …

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May 09, 2015

“Once upon a time” Atelier Pronovias 2016

Yesterday we celebrated the most expected day for Pronovias, the Fashion Show. More than 2,000 guests attended the parade in the Oval Room of the Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya (MNAC ) in Barcelona, ​​where he presented the Atelier Collection Pronovias 2016 .


The fashion show invited its guests to discover the latest trends in bridal fashion from the Atelier Pronovias 2016 Collection under the theme “Once Upon a Time”, a collection inspired by fairytale princesses, creating designs with pure lines, volume and delicate details. For this season, the Atelier Pronovias 2016 gowns have plunging fronts and backs, that fade into the body thanks to a sophisticated layering design in which nude colour crystal tulle fabrics come together to create an second-skin effect.

Noble materials such as crêpe, organza, cotton pique, mikado and organza silk show their rich nuances, without leaving aside the company’s signature lace, with the additional proposal of chantilly lace as an alternative to crystal tulle. The collection is completed with tiaras and jewelled headdresses with over 300 hand-applied pieces in aged silver.












The guests included national and international film and fashion celebrities and socialites, as well as press …

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May 05, 2015

Elegant wedding dresses

By Rebeca Lara, from the blog A trendy life, Lovehunter

Elegance: the quality of being exceptionally beautiful and simple. Elegance is considered the standard of good taste, particularly when it comes to beauty and fashion.

In my view, elegance goes beyond questions of taste and touches on matters of simplicity and excellent design. It is also the art of standing out effortlessly, attracting attention without meaning to and having all eyes on you without even trying…

Standards of beauty may change, fashion and prototypes too, but elegance is timeless. Some people have a natural air of elegance, although of course, it can be cultivated.

Fashion allows us to be elegant and look impeccable at all times and in any situation, however, elegance is also an attitude. The way you behave and hold yourself has an enormous impact.

There are three words we want people to use to describe us during the celebration and events season. We want to be seen as beautiful, radiant and, naturally, elegant. All three seem to go together, don’t they?

That’s why you dream of a dress that will not only flatter you, but will also make you look and feel special.

Today’s selection of …

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May 05, 2015

Fitting of the Pronovias 2016 Atelier collection

PRONOVIAS, leading brand in the bridal sector, has fitted the new Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection at the PRONOVIAS flagship store with top model Blanca Padilla and the brand’s creative director, Hervé Moreau.

The Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection has been traditionally tailored with fabrics of the highest quality, proposing clean cut designs with pure lines and vaporous skirts, as well as new fabrics like mikado silk, organza and silk satin, piqué and crêpe. At the same time, Chantilly lace over crystal tulle takes the leading role, achieving a tattoo effect on skin; a new technique developed by the Pronovias’ atelier, which has become the absolute trend.

Blanca Padilla.5BLanca Padilla.6

Regarding the new collection, which will be presented at the fashion show on 8 May, Moreau has mentioned: “The next Atelier Pronovias collection will surprise you once again. There will be completely new and ground-breaking lines. We cannot forget that PRONOVIAS represents all women, so we will have pure, conceptual and theatrical lines in addition to lace dresses that showcase the brand perfectly. I believe the collection will be magical, as magical as the collection’s theme: ‘Once Upon a Time…’”. About PRONOVIAS, the designer added: “It is a great honour to work for PRONOVIAS,

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