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Sep 18, 2014

A step-by-step journey to creating a wedding dress with the Pronovias “savoir faire”

The new 2015 collection is already arriving in stores all over the world. There are more than 200 dresses there, waiting to make your dreams come true. The design, production and logistics teams have been toiling for months to make sure that is ready on time.

As for us, we’d like to take you behind the scenes for a step-by-step look at how we make our dresses. The expert hands of our highly skilled team work to create our new collections. Each step is designed to make the bride feel unique, from the choice of each design and fabric and the delicate, exclusive hand crafted process… The expertise of Spain’s most highly skilled professionals brings the Pronovias haute couture collection to life. This marvellous example of teamwork and harmony is a pleasure to behold. Wellcome to our Atelier in Barcelona.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

Our brides’ dreams are transformed, stitch by stitch, into the most breathtaking, romantic dresses imaginable.

Each dress has its own story, but they all belong to the same team. Designers, pattern-makers, model makers and seamstresses work together to make the product, the dress, a reality.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

Everything starts with a sketch of the dress by Pronovias design team. When the drawing is finished, they personally explain how it should look to the model makers and suggest the best materials for making it. This is when the professional know-how of the pattern makers comes into play. They create the dress pattern by putting the pieces on a dressmaker’s dummy, almost like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

They will later create the paper pattern. Each piece of the dress is cut out from special paper and appliqués and embroidery and how they are to be sewn on are added. This is a painstaking task for the Pronovias team, given that some dresses are made of up to 300 different parts.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

At the end of the process, the dress is cut out and sewn and a ‘pricing’ is made, as well as technical instructions explaining how to manufacture the dress from beginning to end. This is the great legacy of Pronovias.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

Interestingly, it takes an average of 80 hours to make a wedding dress, which is a very laborious, skilled process. That’s it!

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

What do you think of the process? Isn’t it marvellous?

Don’t forget that you can make an appointment to try on the dress of your dreams at any of our stores around the world. Book a Pronovias appointment here.

Sep 16, 2014

The right bouquet for the wedding dress

By Marieta, from the blog Quiero una boda perfecta, LoveHunter.

Peonies, daisies, succulent, paniculata, gerberas, roses, hydrangeas, tulips, ranunculus, lavender, buttercups… There are a thousand and one types of flowers, which makes deciding on your perfect bridal bouquet a difficult task. Once you have selected your flowers you need to choose the shape of your arrangement. Do you want a cascade, an asymmetric design or something really modern? To help you make the right choice, today’s post is a rundown of different types of bridal bouquet and some tips on which look best with each style of dress so you can be confident that you look your absolute best on your wedding day.

In olden times, bridal bouquets were bunches of aromatic herbs which symbolised the couple’s new life together. They were magical items which were thought to have an influence on married life. Later, in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxony, this type of arrangement was rejected in favour of fresh flowers. Each flower had a meaning and different blooms were used to send secret messages. Over the years, this symbolism has been forgotten and although the bridal bouquet is still an essential …

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Sep 10, 2014

New flagship store in Barcelona

The new boutique is the largest Pronovias store in Europe and was open last 1st of September. It has 1000 square-metres and it’s now the firm’s international flagship boutique.

Pronovias new flagship store - Atelier Backstage

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Sep 04, 2014

New 2015 Collection

¿Have you visited the website to see our new collection? It’s available now so that you can choose the dress of your dreams. ¡Check it out now!

New 2015 Collection Pronovias

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Sep 02, 2014

Pronovias 2015 campaign

Once again this year there is a new campaign to present the 2015 collection. This year it features American model Emily Didonato, renowned for her work with firms like Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Loewe and Givenchy.

It is a fresh, natural campaign that focuses entirely on the bride modelling the Atelier Pronovias and Pronovias 2015 collections.

Artistic direction and styling for the new campaign is by Pronovias with photography by Carles Alsina.

Cameron Pronovias 2015 Atelier Backstage

Cameron – Pronovias 2015

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