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Aug 19, 2014

Make up trends for brides in 2014

By Marieta from the blog “Quiero una boda perfecta”, LoveHunter

In the middle of the summer wedding season, plenty of brides have already put all the finishing touches to their wedding preparations and are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to looking perfect on the big day. However, there are plenty of others who are just starting to prepare their wedding days. Our blog is here to give you tips to make sure you look gorgeous on your wedding day: a Pronovias wedding dress, a hairstyle that looks right with the dress… so today I want to give you a little help by sharing the bridal make up trends for 2014. So, get a paper and pencil and let’s begin…

Bastion Pronovias Makeup trends - Atelier Backstage

Bastión Pronovias 2015

As you will have noticed during the Barcelona Bridal Week fashion show, Pronovias used a natural, simple make up base on its brides, without too much colour. With the amazing dresses and make up, the models looked like real fairytale princesses, with even delicate skin and not a blemish in sight. Their work gave us a glimpse of the trends for the coming year, which means brides will be wearing very little make up.

Within a few months, skin will be the star of the show when it comes to make up for fashionable brides. Rather than piling it on, the idea is to achieve a light, luminous, healthy look, giving the bride doll-like skin: even, blemish free and with a satin-like appearance.

Blanche Pronovias Makeup trends - Atelier Backstage

Blanche Pronovias 2015

Becky Pronovias Makeup trends - Atelier Backstage

Becky Pronovias 2015

The glow is achieved by giving a touch of light with an illuminator on the cheekbones. As you will see in the photographs, they have used a delicate nude or shiny peach tone, almost like a halo of ice, don’t you think?

With your natural-looking skin, your eyes will become more important. In 2015 there will be a lot of emphasis on the eyes. Whether you choose softer or more intense colours depends on whether you are getting married during the day or the evening. Use black eyeliner on the upper lid and take care to choose the right shade of eyeshadow for your dress. Remember, not all whites are the same. Make your eyes even more captivating by lengthening your eyelashes to the max. Pick a waterproof mascara, very important on this day and don’t forget to draw your brows in lightly.

Basico Pronovias Makeup trends - Atelier Backstage

Basico Pronovias 2015

Then, the finishing touch, your bridal lipstick. Romantic, simple and elegant. The bridal lip colours in 2015 will be nude, pale pink or soft peach. These subtle shades will add a sensual touch to your chosen look on a great day in your life.

Basma Pronovias Makeup trends - Atelier Backstage

Basma Pronovias 2015

I hope you enjoyed these 2015 bridal make up tips and although I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The most important thing is for you to feel special and at ease with yourself. That way you will always look beautiful and radiant.


Aug 12, 2014

We love details

By Keyla from Tendencias de Bodas, LoveHunter

Have you imagined what your wedding dress will be like? I’m not talking about the style or cut, but about the details you would like it to have. For example, you might dream about lace or gemstone embroidery. Perhaps you want something plain in gauze or mikado, with a special touch like a grosgrain belt in champagne, or perhaps what you really want is for your dress to have pockets. These are the little details that make your wedding dress really special… your Pronovias dress.

The thing is… we fall in love with the details! From the type of neckline that makes the best of your figure to that suggestive style that reveals your back… or covers it with embroidered tulle. Details large and small that make all the difference to a wedding dress, which are not immune to fashion trends. The Pronovias 2015 collection is positively bursting with flowers in the form of delicate appliquéd organza blossoms, lace motifs and fantasy XXL blooms in white or pastel colours (like pink, blue and mint green).

 Pronovias Casilda 2015 - Atelier Backstage Pronovias Corina 2015 - Atelier Backstage

Veiled and asymmetric straps encrusted with jewels or decorated with an organza flower draw attention to the …

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Aug 04, 2014

Inés wedding dress

Inés and Diego got married just over a year ago in Andalusia. They made their promises of eternal love in Seville, the city of their birth. The Parroquia de los Sagrados Corazones and El Pino de San José were worthy settings for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Pronovias wedding dress - Atelier Backstage

She was absolutely certain that she didn’t want a strapless wedding dress. She wanted a more traditional look, she adores lace and she found everything she desired in Dédalo, from the Costura 2013 collection. Truly an elegant, sophisticated dress. “It’s a romantic gown with just the vintage touch I was looking for”, she told us.

Pronovias wedding dress - Atelier Backstage Pronovias wedding dress - Atelier Backstage Pronovias wedding dress - Atelier Backstage

She acknowledges that it gave her a “lovely figure without being too tight, so I felt comfortable“. As well as looking stunning, all brides want to be able to move around freely.

What she liked best about her dress was the “layering with different types of lace and the fancy neckline with the sheer layer of tulle, which was almost transparent but gave it a very elegant touch, in my opinion”. There is no doubt that she felt beautiful and loved wearing it. We never tire of saying it, “Be yourself!” Don’t play “dress up”! It’ll show …

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Aug 01, 2014

Ibiza-style weddings

By Nuria, from the blog 100 vestidos, Love Hunter.

“That’s what I’d do if I got married again” “If I got married again I’d wear that” I think everyone who is married must have said this a few times. The moment is over so quickly, it’s so fleeting, it´s so lovely, that we’d do it again every year. Something I tend to say over and over again is that I’d love an Ibiza-style wedding. They’re so fresh, romantic and informal, lovely and personal that… “If I were to get married again I’d want an Ibiza-style wedding”.


Una boda en Ibiza

The venue is already sorted out; a beach. The decoration; like all weddings, there are endless possibilities but we all imagine a white theme with flowers and plants, especially with white fabrics to give the setting a fresh, clean feel.


Una boda en Ibiza

Another aspect that identifies an Ibiza-style wedding is the bride’s dress. The accessories are essential for achieving that Ibiza look. If I had to choose a type of dress it would be something like Lagara, a beautiful embroidered tulle style with mother-of-pearl embroidery and a semi-sheer back.  The mermaid shape makes it elegant and the tulle …

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Jul 29, 2014

Dulceida & Pronovias Cocktail

A landscape.  A dress. A blogger. Aida Domènech alias Dulceida wears Pronovias Cocktail for an exceptional photo session.

She looks imposing and extremely feminine in this rather futuristic, creative shoot.

Barcelona, the desert and sky bear witness to this event.  The shoot features three chiffon dresses in fuchsia, sky blue and dark blue, caught up in the summer breeze.

Pronovias Fiesta y Dulceida

RABULA - Pronovias Fiesta 2014

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